12SC Floor terminal Box | GP-T408-12SC

Item No.: GP-T408-12SC
Dimension: 158×204×54mm
Inlet / Outlet (Cable): 1/1
Outlet (Adaptor): 12
Adaptor: 12SC
Splice Capacity: 16
Splitter: Micro splitter
Description Accessories Packaging


The box is designed for providing full splice, 12 SC adapter patching, splitting, and perfect fiber management.

Features & Benefits

1. Adopted high-strength engineering alloy plastic, long service life.
2. Slide open-type structure and it will give you “click” sound when the cover lock in place.
3. Operating space divided into two parts for the loop-through cable and pigtail splicing. Easy for its installation and maintenance.
4. Flip design for the splice tray, the opening angle can keep on 45 or 90 degrees.
5. Perfect cable fixed way and pigtail or drop cable fixed way.
6. Each splice tray equipped with a transparent plastic cover to protect the fibers.
7. Equipped with 12 SC adaptors and it's also suitable for Mechanical Splicer.



Model: GP-T408-12SC
Dimension 158×204×54mm
Inlet / Outlet (Cable) 1/1
Outlet (Adaptor) 12
Adaptor 12SC
Splice Tray Model -
Quantity 4
Capacity 4
Splitter Micro splitter
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Standard Accessories Quantity
Main cable tie 4
Bolt 2
Plastic expansion pipe 2
Model Description PSC/CTN Carton Size KGS/CTN Port
GP-T408 The Box, 4 splice tray, standard accessories 30 52x45x33.5cm 20.5 Ningbo
The package method can be customized.
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