8 SC indoor distribution box | GP-T428-I

Item No.: GP-T428-I
Max. adapters: 8 SC
Splice tray: 6/12 FO
Splice trays: 2 pcs
micro PLC splitter 1x8 is applicable
Description Accessories Splice tray and Storage tray Packing info

Part Number: GP-T428-I


. Discription:

. The  box is designed for the connection of optical fiber to pigtail and providing full splice and perfect fiber management. 
. The box has capacity of 8 SC adaptors and 2 splice trays, micro splitter 1:8 is applicable.

. Features & Benefits

· Made of Brand new plastic LSZH. 

. The internal cover protect the splice area and also protect the cable which sheath striped off.

· Clear fiber function area division and clear fiber routing.

· Special slot for micro splitter 1:8 in splice tray.

· Splice tray can keep on 120 degree.

· Adaptor holders can be lifted a little and make the installation easy.


. Specifications

Part No. GP-T428-I
Outside Dimension 215×126×50mm
Color RAL 9010
Cable ports 2 in & 2 out (on line)
 Cable dia. (max.) φ10mm
Output ports and cable dia. (max.) 8×φ5mm, or figure 8 cables
Splice tray 2pcs *12FO
Splitter type Micro splitter 1:8
Adaptor type and count 8 SC
Mount type Wall-mounted

. Cable holder

. Micro PLC splitter installation

Item Size QTY Remark
Splice sleeve 45mm 8pcs FOSP-45C
Adhesive tape 200*15*1mm 2pcs  
Nylon ties 95*2mm 15pcs  
Metal bolt 30*φ4mm 4 Wall mount kits
Plastic expansion tubes 28*φ4mm 4

. Splice tray

Part No. P428
Dimensions 105* 97*7.5mm
Splice capacity 12/24 FO
Suitable sleeve 40-45mm
PLC Splitter slot 1
Suitable splitter 1x4, 1x8 micro PLC splitter
Bend radius 20mm
Holding at 120 degree
Plastic cover For the top tray

. Storage tray

— Outside Dimensions: 104x97x13 mm


. Packing list

. Packed by Pallet 1200*800mm

pe wrapping filmgalvanized c purlin steel