36SC Dome closure | GJS-MF216-36SC

Item No.: GJS-MF216-36SC
Dimensions: 521×Ø220mm
Main Cable Ports: 1 mid-span ports
Drop Cable Ports: 5 circular ports
Splice Capacity: 108/216FO
Description Accessories


Dome Fiber Access Terminal (FAT) closure, with the capacity of 36SC+4SC adapter module (4 slots for adapter anchor for future use) and 3 splice trays. The tray is suitable for micro PLC splitter after the splice module removed. Made of PC and rated to IP68, suitable for wall or pole mounting.


Features & Benefits 

1. Integrating splice, splitting and patching, realize the function of fiber optic cross connecting cabinet.
2. Fully mechanical seal, easy for cable re-entry. 
3. 1 mid-span port for loop-through cable and 6 circular branch ports.
4. Reasonable fiber routing and layout. 
5. Big splice tray and fiber bend radius more than 37.5mm.
6 Aerial, wall-mounted or pole-mounted kit for customer option.






Main Cable Ports

1 mid-span ports

Drop Cable Ports

5 circular ports 

Splice Capacity (Each)

36/72 FO

No. of Splice Trays

3 pcs


40 SC


1x16, 1x32 Micro PLC Splitter

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Rubber seals for cable ports 

Item Size Picture Dimension
Suitable cable
1 Small    76*Ф13.4 Ф11~Ф14
2 Medium    74*Ф18.8 Ф14~Ф19.5
3 Big   62*Ф23.0 Ф19.5~Ф25
4 Plug    75*Ф12.8  

Split Nut 

Split Washer

Rubber glands & plastic washer for 5mm drop cables


Adaptor Panel


Mounting kit

Optional Accessories Quantity
Grounding device -
Inflating Valve -
Wall-mounting Kits -
Pole-mounting Kits -

The Optional Accessories are for customer option.
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