What is fiber optic box?

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Update time : 2020-08-18 10:26:42
Speak of fiber optic box, you might feel strange, you might have no idea what it is. However, you must hear of fiber optic, and you must know fiber optic is so important in our daily communication, such as surfing the Internet, making a phone call via line or WeChat, or watching YouTube on a smart TV, etc. The laying of fiber optic cable is a big project, and a fiber optic box is a necessary part of it, so what is fiber optic box?
As its name suggests, the fiber optic box generally refer to the box shape used to protect and distribute the optical fibers, it’s a fiber optic management product. Usually, the fiber optic box can be divided into different types for different usages.

As you can see from the picture about, it shows the location of the hardware used in creating a basic FTTH ODN: a feeder optical cable extends from the optical line terminal (OLT) in the central office (CO) to an optical distribution point where feeder cables are distributed into distribution optical cables to an optical access point where drop cables will be used to connect the link to an optical network terminal.

The feeder optical cable means the optical cable between the central office and optical distribution point or between multiple optical distribution points. The optical distribution point is a fiber optic equipment that is used for fiber optic cables continuation, distribution, and dispatch. This part of the network structure could be ring or tree, but whatever the structures look like, each feeder optical cable can be directly connected to the central office.

Distribution optical cable connects the splitters in the optical distribution point with second level splitters, which is usually hosted in a fiber optic box called fiber access terminal (FAT) box and this is optical access point usually placed at the entrance of the neighborhoods.

Finally, to the end-user, usually, the drop cables are terminated at the entrance of the subscriber home with a terminal box. Here terminal boxes are usually used indoor so doesn’t require that much higher rank of IP grade.


From all the above, the fiber optic box plays an important role in an FTTH network. An FTTH network architecture must be reliable and secure. All fiber optic boxes from central office to the end-users are non-active components, as well as its special design for different parts of the network makes the network maintenance cost lower and requirements clear.

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