Outdoor optical distribution box for 16 SC adapters (Black) | FDB-16R

Item No.: FDB-16R
Chassis PLC splitter: 1x1:16 or 2x1:8
Splice capacity: 8/16 FO
Dimensions: 287×172×100 mm
Ports for drop cable: 16x φ2.0-φ4.6 mm
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. Application

. Applicable for the FTTx project and provide mechanical protection for fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, splitting, patching and passive component integration.
. Rated to IP65, available able for indoor or outdoor.

. Specifications
Part No. FDB-16R
Dimensions 287×172×100 mm
Mid-span ports for uncut cable 2x φ14 mm
Branch cable 2xPG13.5
Drop cable ports 16x φ2.0-φ4.6 mm
Patching capacity 16 SC adapters
Splice tray and capacity (Fusion) 8/16 FO
Suitable for PLC Splitter Micro splitter 1x1:16 or 2x 1:8
Cover holding Any angle ≧90 degree
lock 1 screw lock and 2 hasp lock
Mounted way Wall-mounted or pole-mounted

. Performance

Part No. ODB-16R
Material Plastic
Temperature range -40 oC to +70 oC.
Seal material of the box EPDM
Seal material of the ports Rubber
Protection rating IP65


. Features and Benefits

  Compact size with outside dimensions 287×172×100 mm.

  Micro PLC cassette splitter 1x 1:16 or 2x 1:8used in the box.

▪  Mid-span port for loop-through cable, 16 individual ports for drop cable and 2 PG gland ports for branch cable.

. Splice tray and Cable storage area

pe wrapping filmgalvanized c purlin steel