72 Core Outdoor Fiber Terminal Box | GP-T8821-24

Item No.: GP-T8821-24
Type: Outdoor Fiber Terminal Box
Application: FTTH FTTx
Color: Gray (Support Customization)
Dimension: 329*286*108cm
Cable Ports: 8
Splice Capacity: 72FO (Max.)
Splice Tray: 2pcs (Max.)
Adapter: 24 SC
Splitter: 1:8 or 1:16 Micro Splitt


Fibermint GP-T8281-24 accommodates a tray for 24 SC adapters and two splice trays below to allow 36 or a maximum of 72 fusion splices. 8 entry ports on the bottom and 329*286cm huge space provide a comfortable room for fiber retention and fiber management. Above that are 8 drop cable ports for the adapters tray, such layered design can help you divide fibers and drop cables clearly, make sure that you won't mess up with all the cables. 


Applicable for the FTTx project and provides mechanical protection for the fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, Patching, and passive component integration. 


Manufacturer Fibermint
Model GP-T8821
Part-Number GP-T8821-24
Specific Properties
Color Grey (Customizable)
Max. Dimensions (LxWxH) 329*286*108mm
Cable Ports 8
Branch Cable Ports N/A
Drop Cable Ports 24
Cable Drop Sealing Colors Black (Customizable)
Splice Capacity 72F
Max. Number of Adapters 24 SC/APC Adapters 
Max. Number of Splice Trays 2
Max. Splices per Tray 36F
Max. Splitters per Tray N/A
Splice Trays Colors White (Customizable)
Splice Tray Lock
Closure Material PC/ABS
UV Protection ×
Operating Temperature  -40º to 75º
IP Code N/A
Embedded Laser Warning ×
Optional Items Wall-mounting Kit 1 set
Optional Items Pole-mounting Kit 1 set


1. Big case, big capacity.
2. Layered design, perfect fiber management. 
3. Two hasp lock secure systems, easy installation, easy re-entry. 
4. High-strength plastic, stronger but lighter. 
5. Available for both Wall-mounting and Pole-mounting. 


Q: Are you a factory?
A: Yes. We are a factory.
Q: Can I have some samples?
A: Yes. Please
contact us for samples.
Q: Do you support customization?
A: Yes. We do support customization, such as logo, color, etc.
Q: How can you guarantee product quality?
A: On the one hand, we have quality certificates. On the other hand, we have quality control management to guarantee product quality, you may browse our
Customer & Services page to learn more about our "Three Guarantees" and "After-sales service". 

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