8FO Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box | GP-T433

Item No.: GP-T433
Type: Fiber Termination Box
Application: FTTH
Color: White  (Support Customization)
Dimension: 150×108×36mm
Inlet / Outlet (Cable): 1/1
Outlet (Pigtails): 8
Splice Capacity: 8FO
Splitter: Micro splitter


GP-T433 is designed for the connection of optical fiber to pigtail and providing full splice and perfect fiber management. The box is used indoor, it has 8FO capacity and supports micro splitter 1x4 or 1x8.


Manufacturer Fibermint
Model GP-T433
Part-Number GP-T433
Specific Properties
Color White (Customizable)
Max. Dimensions (LxWxH) 150×108×36mm
Main Cable Ports 2
Branch Cable Ports N/A
Drop Cable Ports 8
Cable Drop Sealing Colors White (Customizable)
Splice Capacity 8F
Max. Number of Adapters N/A
Max. Number of Splice Trays 1
Max. Splices per Tray 8F
Max. Splitters per Tray 1:8 Micro Splitter
Splice Trays Colors White (Customizable)
Splice Tray Lock
Closure Material ABS
UV Protection ×
Operating Temperature  -15º to 75º
IP Code N/A
Embedded Laser Warning ×
Included Items Wall-mounting Kit 1 set
Optional Items Nylon Cable Tie 8 pcs
Description 1 Splice Tray
Standard Accessories
Unit Size 16x11.5x4cm
Unit Gross Weight 0.217KG
Quantity per Carton 50 PCS/CTN
Carton Size 60x33x23.5cm
Carton Gross Weight 11.55KG

Features & Benefits

1. The customized logo will be mold on the cover.
2. A nylon thread will be included to attach the cover to the base. 

3. Special design in the closure flipping section.

4. Hinge is on the right, perfect flipping in hand.

5. One transparent cover for each splice tray.

6. All the parts in the middle of the main cable channel are removed. 
7. Easy installation, 2 wall-mounting holes on the base. 



Q: Are you a factory?
A: Yes. We are a factory.
Q: Can I have some samples?
A: Yes. Please contact us for samples.
Q: Do you support customization?
A: Yes. We do support customization, such as logo, color, etc.
Q: How can you guarantee product quality?
A: On the one hand, we have quality certificates. On the other hand, we have quality control management to guarantee product quality, you may browse our Customer & Services page to learn more about our "Three Guarantees" and "After-sales service". 

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